Alabama License Plate Laws and Regulations

Stay Informed About License Plate Laws and Regulations in Alabama

It's important to stay informed about the license plate laws and regulations in Alabama to ensure that your license plate remains compliant. Familiarize yourself with the following requirements, restrictions, and guidelines governing license plates in Alabama.

License Plate Display

Alabama law requires license plates to be securely attached and clearly visible on both the front and rear of vehicles. The license plates should be unobstructed and free from any covers or materials that may obscure the plate numbers or state identification.

Registration Stickers

Alabama requires registration stickers to be displayed on license plates as proof of current registration. Ensure that the registration sticker is affixed in the designated location and is visible and legible.

Specialty and Personalized Plates

Specialty and personalized plates in Alabama may have additional guidelines or restrictions. It's important to review the specific regulations associated with these types of plates to ensure compliance. Be aware of any limitations on character combinations, design restrictions, or eligibility criteria.

License Plate Transfers

If you sell or transfer ownership of your vehicle, it's important to follow the proper procedures for transferring the license plate. Consult the Alabama DMV for instructions on transferring your license plate to another vehicle or surrendering it if no longer needed.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Penalties

Adhering to Alabama's license plate laws and regulations is crucial to avoid penalties or fines. Make sure to regularly review the laws and regulations to stay updated and ensure that your license plate remains compliant with the state's requirements.