Temporary Tags in Alabama

Temporary License Plates

Temporary tags, also known as temporary license plates, serve as a temporary registration solution for vehicles in Alabama. They are issued to provide a legal and valid identification for your vehicle while awaiting the issuance of permanent license plates.

Purpose and Validity

The purpose of temporary tags is to allow you to legally drive your newly acquired vehicle or a vehicle that requires temporary registration. Temporary tags are typically valid for a specific duration, such as 30 days, during which you are required to obtain permanent license plates for your vehicle.

Obtaining Temporary Tags

To obtain temporary tags in Alabama, you need to fulfill specific eligibility requirements and follow the application process outlined by the Alabama Department of Revenue. The process may involve providing necessary documentation, such as proof of purchase, proof of insurance, and payment of applicable fees. Temporary tags are issued by authorized agencies or dealerships.

Temporary Tag Expiration

It's important to note the expiration date of your temporary tag. Once the temporary tag expires, you are required to have obtained permanent license plates for your vehicle. Failure to do so may result in penalties or fines.

Temporary Tags and Vehicle Registration

Temporary tags provide a temporary solution for vehicle registration, allowing you to legally operate your vehicle while waiting for the issuance of permanent license plates. Ensure that you complete the necessary steps to obtain permanent license plates within the validity period of your temporary tag.